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  • Indonesia And Coal - Sourcewatch

    Aug 20, 2015 Since the early 1990's Indonesian coal mining in Indonesia has 7.4.1 EastKalimantan; 7.4.2 Rokan Hulu; 7.4.3 West Sumatra and The U.S. GeologicalSurvey lists major Indonesian coal mining companies as including.

  • Mining The Heart Of Borneo Coal Production In Indonesia - Mongabay

    Nov 20, 2013 Mining the Heart of Borneo: coal production in Indonesia This insight from thecoal industry is important because, despite all of our.

  • South Kalimantan's Potential Coaltrans

    South Kalimantan is one of the main contributors to Indonesia's national coal the government announced its clean and clear evaluation of coal producers in.

  • Mining – The Borneo Project

    The village of Makroman was a thriving agrarian district until 2007, when coalcompanies began mining in the village, polluting the air and water with toxins.

  • The Coal Universe Key Insights Coalexit - Global Coal Exit List

    225 companies that are planning to expand coal mining worldwide. Mongoliaor Central Borneo are opened up for coal production hinges on the development.

  • Coal Man - Forbes

    Dec 4, 2009 In a helicopter 1,500 feet above the island of Borneo, Low Tuck Kwong ispointing After an effort to sell his coal company, Bayan Resources, (BYAN),failed early last 11 on the FORBES ASIA list of Indonesia's 40 Richest. Floating the coal to the Balikpapan terminal from his mines in Tabang and the.

  • Indonesia Faces Environmental Time Bomb After Coal Bust Reuters

    Jun 28, 2016 Thousands of mines are closing in Indonesia's tropical coal belt as priceslanguish and seams run dry. But almost none of the companies have paid theirshare of billions of East Kalimantan province on Indonesia's part of Borneoisland. The central government has had a list since 2011 of nearly 4,000.

  • Who Owns Indonesia's Deadly Abandoned Coal Mines - Mongabay

    May 25, 2017 More than 630 open-pit coal mines have been left behind by mining In 2015alone, 125 mining companies in East Kalimantan went bankrupt, many of which lists five mining operations in East Kalimantan: PT Toba Bara.

  • Coal – KTC Group

    Coal. We sealed our first mining partnership with a mine concession owner in2006. Currently, we have operations at mine concessions at Samarinda andCentral Kalimantan. We sell the following types of coal under our tradingcompany.

  • Global Coal Risk Assessment Data Analysis And Market Research

    These countries. 4. Our analysis found that 483 power companies have producers, and are among the top developers of pro- posed new Part 2 listsexisting coal-fired plants. sia are located on Kalimantan Island and SumateraIsland.

  • Coal Seam Fire - Wikipedia

    A coal-seam fire refers to natural burning of an outcrop or underground coalseam. Underground coal mines can be equipped with permanently installedsensor systems. List of mine fires[edit] Since 1982, fire has been a recurringfeature on the Islands of Borneo and Sumatra, burning large areas in 1987, 1991,1994,.

  • Japan's Coal Mine Gets Sanctioned Coalition Of Civil Society Urge

    Sep 8, 2017 The four coal mining companies, who have been proven guilty due to polluting di Kalimantan Utara (List of Temporarily Sanctions of Mining.

  • Coal Mining In Indonesia - Indonesian Coal Industry Indonesia

    An analysis of the coal mining sector in Indonesia. many small players that owncoal mines and coal mine concessions (mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan).

  • Indomet Project Coal Mining In East And Central Kalimantan

    Oct 30, 2017 IndoMet project, coal mining in East and Central Kalimantan, Then in 2016BHP Billiton sold part of the project to the Indonesian Adaro company. pany Names or State Enterprises, PT Alam Tri Abadi (Adaro) (Adaro).

  • UK-Financed Coal Mining Is Devastating Indonesian Borneo

    Oct 1, 2013 UK-financed coal mining is devastating Indonesian Borneo Companies listingon the London Stock Exchange must meet certain criteria – but.

  • List Of Indonesian Coal Companies

    Our has been running for 17 years within Asia-Pacific Region. Our core businessIndonesian coal mining originated from both Sumatra and Kalimantan territory.

  • Coal Mining Sector In Indonesia GBG

    Information and analysis of Indonesia's coal mining sector covering laws, .. matra and Kalimantan harbour most of the country's coal resources, with the .. the list of concerns for investors in Indonesia's coal sector, according to asurvey.

  • Coal Miners Owe The Indonesian Government Hundreds Of Millions Of

    May 16, 2017 Aerial view of the PT Borneo Indobara coal mining operation in South data thatincludes the names of the thousands of companies that are in.

  • Coal And Climate In Kalimantan

    More than 11 million USD in Indonesian coal mining companies, 330 millionUSD in Indonesian companies that invest in coal aspects of coal production inKalimantan, which local environmental International's corruption list for 2012.

  • Management Directors – East Asia Minerals Corporation EAS-V

    Terry has been closely involved in the mining and exploration industry since thermal coal mining concession licenses in East and Central Kalimantan and.

  • Government Revokes 406 Mining Permits In Indonesia's East

    Nov 16, 2017 East Kalimantan is the heart of Indonesia's coal-mining industry, with “Thenames of the companies whose permits have been revoked and.

  • The State Of Coal Mining In East Kalimantan - Austrian Journal Of

    Representatives of a development agency and a coal mining company. listsseveral other obligations concerning health and security at the workplace, waste.

  • Save The Orangutan Threats To The Orangutan - Mining

    As the rainforest of Borneo contain enormous amounts of coal, gold and other The island of Borneo is a targeted place for mining companies due to the great of tin, gold, silver, diamonds, copper and different types of sand and stone.

  • CEO In The News Coal Is Still King For Adaro Energy's Chief - Nikkei

    Dec 21, 2017 A truck carries coal at an Adaro mine in Tabalong, Kalimantan, EBITDA, is oneof the highest among Indonesia's coal and energy producers.

  • An Indonesian Coal Company On The London Stock Exchange

    The KPC mine, East Kalimantan - one of the world's biggest open-cast coalmines. is calling on the British government to firm up the rules for companieslisting.

  • Indonesian Coal Mining Boom Is Leaving Trail Of Destruction - Yale

    Dec 17, 2015 Since 2000, Indonesian coal production has increased five-fold to meet Excavators work in an open pit coal mine at the PT Exploitasi Energi site in SouthKalimantan, ITM, the Indonesian company that owns the mine, says it produces request or a list of written questions about its work in Indonesia.

  • Mining In Indonesia - Pwc

    It is now more than eight years since the 2009 Law on Mineral and Coal allowmining companies to continue exporting certain types East Kalimantan.

  • PTT Rejigs Indonesian Coal Outpost For Listing Bangkok Post Business

    Aug 29, 2018 PTT's coal production in Kalimantan is projected at 8 million tonnes in two coalmines in Indonesia and a trading company in Singapore.

  • Contemporary Coal Dynamics In Indonesia - Stockholm Environment

    Jun 10, 2018 whom we met in Jakarta and in East Kalimantan in late 2016. government,several coal mining companies and energy companies, local and 1 The threetypes are mining business license (IUP); special mining business.

  • The 6Th Annual Coal Buyers And Producers - Petromindo

    The 6th annual Coal Buyers and Producers Meeting "Exploring the rising thepotential of coal production by IUP holders both in Sumatra and Kalimantan. the updated list of local companies serving marine cargo, especially on coal andits.

  • Independent Geologists Report On Coal Projects In - Cokal Limited

    SRK Consulting │ ALT001 IGR of Central Kalimantan Coal Projects. September2010. MCCA/WARR/ List of Abbreviations . exploration companies for theentire life cycle of a mining project, from exploration through to mine closure.